15 July 2017

Hi there sweeties, I am posting this just to remind you all that this blog is still active, though it may take a little longer for new captions to come. I recently switched computers, and with the summer I am taking some time relaxing and doing mostly nothing. I have ideas and I have some captions that I am working on right now, but I don't feel as if they are ready to be uploaded just yet. Soon, though.

As I've mentioned before, I am perfectly fine with people sharing my captions on other sites. If you have a blog or a gallery where you post your favourite captions you are welcome to post some of mine. I am not doing this because I want to build some kind of brand, and I don't aim to make money of writing erotica one day. This is just for fun, and if you want to share what I've done, then I am only grateful.

28 June 2017


27 June 2017


26 June 2017


25 June 2017

Big Lemons

24 June 2017


23 June 2017


22 June 2017


21 June 2017

True Sissy

20 June 2017