22 October 2017

To the dear readers of my captions, I just want to give you a few words as to the state of this blog.

As you may have noticed, updates have been coming a lot slower lately, and it is not something that I am particularly happy with, but I can't really help it. I just have a lot on my plate at the moment with work and the like. I like to get time to do captions more, but I also want to do ones that I am proud of. Ones that, while sexy and naughty, aren't trashy. A big goal of mine when making captions for a kink like this is to encourage the reader to feel a little better about themselves. I want them to know that they aren't alone, that there are others that feel the same feelings and that they're not necessarily bad feelings. One can have fun with one's fetish, even if it is considered odd or outside what's normal. I want to make captions that have good stories and good writing. Because I do believe you sweeties deserve that.

Now, that means there might be some long breaks now and then between captions. I've not forgotten about this blog, and I do always intend on making more, but I am just taking the time to recharge. I am trying to get my creative juices flowing, just so that I can make sure that the captions I create are actually worthy of being featured on this blog. And I'd rather limit the number of captions per year than put out ones that I don't think are any good.

So, I hope you all have patience and I promise you that you will see new captions before the end of the year. I have ones that I am working on now, and I promise you that I won't forget about you. You're beautiful little flowers, and I appreciate you!

15 September 2017

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