12 February 2018


Hello girls (and naughty boys,) I thought that I should post a little tease here today of something I have been working on lately. Other than writing new captions that is. Namely I have been writing on a longer story. Erotic fiction with a trans/sissy bent. Really it just came about from the fact that I haven't had internet-access for some time and I wanted some way to occupy my time and when you start writing you don't stop writing. It kinda grew into it's own thing and right now I have four chapters finished. It is probably going to be six, but I don't know exactly. In any case it is still a work in progress, but I you will get to read it some time soon-ish. I am actually going to let you read the first chapter now! It is an early version, and it is possible that I am going to change it, so think of it as a sneak peek, rather than an actual release. I might look into getting this whole story up on Fictionmania when it is done, so keep yourself subscribed to this blog and I will let you know when that happens. Press 'Read more' to, well, read more.

'Becoming Bea'
Chapter one

I was about to turn thirty-eight. My name is Bernard Torres and I'm only two years away from being forty. I'm still telling people that I'm in my early-thirties, but that is most certainly not true. Not any more. I am middle-aged. It seemed only like yesterday when I was a carefree twenty-something student. I spent all the night partying and all the day trying to keep myself awake during the lectures. Well, maybe I didn't 'party' so much as stay awake and play board games with my other nerdy friend. But still, that wasn't studying. I wasn't, and I'm still, not a very ambitious person. All I want is to find a life that is comfortable and simple. I want to love someone I know that I can trust and rely on. Someone who I can dedicate my whole life towards.

But despite my disinterest, I managed to scrape together a degree in economics. Possibly because I am quite talented with numbers. In any case, the degree led to me getting a high-paying job working for a bank. I don't like to call myself a banker, but I suppose that is what I am. It is a cushy gig, sure enough, but it is soul-crushingly boring. My teenaged self, the goth that played bass in a rather pitiful and unsuccessful band, would hate me now. Wearing suits and ties. Going to work for the evil capitalist system that oppresses the masses. Not that I ever truly believed any of that. I was just posturing. The truth is that I have always been a rather meek man. The only difference between me now and me then is that I used to smoke pot.

23 January 2018

Prank Fashionista

Last one for now girls, I'm afraid. But I'll be back! Go and write your own captions, too. If you love reading, then you might love writing!

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The Key

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How I Won

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Def Not Gay

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